Windows Media Player Light With Windows 7 (Windows Seven)

Recently I read some news about the latest version of Windows Media Player in the Microsoft Windows 7. For those who are not aware about “Windows7” or “Windows Seven”, it is the next OS that is to be launched by Microsoft. Some of the detailed description and videos of its features along with pictures was shown by one of its partners who experienced it.

It was found that Microsoft made many changes in design, with improved start up time and obviously many other new capabilities for their new OS. I was really very excited to use it. But I know that it takes still some more years to use it. One such feature which grabbed the attention is Windows Media Player Light which is going to be shipped along with Windows 7 OS. One such video was posted which revealed the new look and brief description of its features. (But the Videos posted in Youtube are deleted 🙁 ).

Unlike conventional media player this one is too good and impressive in the aspect that it is not that one which does not respond to the user and has some components related to interface that is hidden. This one opens the video files as fast as any other program which is its kind. Mainly relative to its competitive programs like VLC player, SMplayer and Mplayer this media player light is equally good and fast enough to be in the game.

On the odd side is that it continues to consume more resources same as its predecessor. Since it makes use of ample of the system resources which is a bit disappointing we need to check how well it performs when compared with other Media Players. Another aspect that is vague to assume is whether the Light version will be done through all the problems of compatibility which its previous version suffered from. We should check whether it can be used to view the files of different media extensions without the need of various services like skins and playlists. The Light does resolve some of the performance issues with a bit of face lift of the older programs and with newer functions.

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