Change Windows 7 Logon Background With Windows 7 LogonUI Background Changer

One of my friends recently installed Windows 7 and asked me for a software to change the background image of the Logon UI. I was searching for the software which will help him to change the Windows7 LogonUI and found Windows 7 LogonUI Background Changer. Windows 7 LogonUI Changer will help you to customize the logon screen for Windows 7. Without changing any OS files you can easily change the background of your login page in Windows7 with this simple tool.


With the help of Windows 7 Logon Changer you can easily enable and disable your logon background. Without modifying the Windows 7 registry you can change the login background image. You can also resize the image to suit your current resolution. Windows 7 LogonUI Changer will automatically finds the highest JPG compression which will keep the image size under 256kb. It also saves the background image as backgrounddefault.jpg and creates a backup of the original logon background image.

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    Здесь вариант для тех кто любит работать ручками и понимать все шаги происходящего, к тому же в некоторых случаях программа не сможет автоматически это сделать.

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