Fix 0x80070643 Error

Why am I looking at 0x80070643 Error?

The Error codes – 0x80070643 and 0x643 are closely related with .NET framework. These are simple problems and can be fixed easily.

Common Errors

Some of the common errors associated with this code are –

  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4 Fatal Error
  • Unable to install Tracing – 0x80070643 error‎
  • Microsoft Security Essential error 0x80070643‎
  • Unable to install Windows Update: 0x80070643
  • MSE installation failure with error code 0x80070643
  • Error 0x80070643 when installing IIS 7.0 on Windows Server

Reason for this Error

Much of the trigger factors for this error depend on Dot NET framework directly or indirectly. In most cases, this was found to be triggered by incomplete Dot NET Framework update. This can be due to any of the following reasons –

  1. Broken update: You have downloaded a broken update from Microsoft Store
  2. Internet Disconnection: Your internet connection was disrupted during installation
  3. Third party glitches: Problems such as sudden shutdown, virus or Malware
  4. Process in use: You have opened a program which is using dot net framework and you are applying the update in the meanwhile.

How to Fix this 0x80070643 Error?

There are two methods to fix this problem –

Run Microsoft Fix it online

This is a direct online support program from Microsoft which can automatically scan and fix issues with your computer. You just need to follow the prompt and it will fix everything autmocatically. For more info read this info base.

Repair your Dot Net Frame Work

Repairing Windows XP, Windows VISTA/7 and Windows 8 requires different steps. We have provided instructions for each of them below. Follow these simple steps to repair dot net framework in Windows 8.

  1. Swipe the Right screen and touch the search box
  2. Now select “settings” tab and write the name of the app
  3. Select “Turn on/off windows features”
  4. Now find – “Dot Net Framework 3.5”
  5. Tap and select uninstall
  6. Wait for the process to complete
  7. Restart your computer
  8. Run Windows Update after restart

Follow these simple steps to repair dot net framework under Windows Vista and Win 7:

  1. Press the Win key and select the search bar
  2. Type Uninstall and Select “Uninstall Program” from the results
  3. Find and tap twice on “Microsoft .NET framework client profile”
  4. Chose Repair to original state and press the Nest button
  5. Wait for the repair to complete
  6. Select Finish when done
  7. Now Select Restart Now
  8. Wait till your computer is restarted
  9. After restart again go to Start — > Control Panel — > Windows Update
  10. Select All latest updates and install them all
  11. Restart when prompted

Follow these simple steps to repair dot net framework under Windows XP:

  1. Press the start button
  2. Select Control Panel
  3. Select Add or remove programs
  4. Now find and Remove “Microsoft .NET framework client profile”
  5. Restart and Run Windows Update

If you are still unable to fix this problem you can ask for help using the comment section.

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