Acpi smo8800

Acpi smo8800

Most users of Dell systems and accessories must have fretted over very poor driver management options. A recurring issue with Dell systems is that they come with additional drivers which are not properly patched to the Registry.

Acpi smo8800 is a ST Microelectronics Free Fall Sensor driver which fails to update itself by default and seeks manual upgrade option. This is an isolated process file and is guaranteed not to create any problems for your system. 

What is Acpi smo8800?

It is an out of the box accelerometer to detect movements in an installed device. The function of this program is to:

  • Detect any falling sensation or any type of downward movement
  • Terminate hard drive connection temporarily
  • Trigger counter measures

This is somewhat very similar to the IBM ThinkPad feature which was introduced to their Notebook series way back in 2002. All modern mobile devices come enabled with this feature now which helps users to play motion games.

Acpi smo8800 Update Error Device Models

It supports all Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 versions.  Following are some of the series of laptops from Dell which have been seen encountering this problem.

  • Latitude E6410
  • Latitude E5510
  • Latitude E5410
  • Latitude E6510
  • Latitude E4310
  • Latitude E6410 ATG
  • Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M4500

There may be other devices with this problem as well.

Download and Update Acpi smo8800

You can download ST Microelectronics Free Fall Sensor update for this file using the official Dell Support link. Make sure you restart your computer once you install the program.

If you have a problem with this file in any other device, other than the ones listed above, please mention it in our comment section. Also remember to add the driver file name mentioned under Device Manger.

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