HTML5 Makes the Web a Full-fledged Application Platform

Today I headed over to the HTML5 Draft Recommendation page to see whats going on there. I feel there is nothing much significant happening there after the previous release of HTML 4.01 in 1999. The latest version redefined the goal of handling content while allowing the web to turn into a fully equipped platform for applications. Total interactive things, videos, audio, picture usage has be standardized and this has already started to redefine the things on the Internet.


Nothing significant occurred in its history till then though there were rivalries, conflicts, dissolution’s and changes in usage share of them resulting with IE in the lead followed by Firefox while Netscape is lost(But Still I love Netscape!). Opera is barely surviving with revolutions in web browsing as a result of iPhone and other smart phones. As an effort of many people the Hypertext mark up language HTML 5 was made by the working group. It happens to be independent from the World wide consortium. It has a lot to offer with a better strategy for tags which is sensible like using video tag for its content and audio tag for audio files instead of object tag.

The latest strategies include localized databases which automatically embed a a local SQL database for the websites which is good for offline requests of the web pages. CSS will take the lead with tags and the content representation tags will be lost in the crowd. The latest version has got many new graphical user interface capabilities representing Real apps in the browser. Things will be more exciting for the developers and users of the web having it as a platform for applications.

You can find more information at Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG).

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