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Knol, a unit of knowledge, is a project from Google which aims to develop a platform for sharing information on various subjects. The knol from Google is hoped to be liberal and allows the users to publish writings under the Creative Common Share Alike license. This might sound nothing important but will make a difference to you when browsing through Wikipedia kind of sources for information which might be unreliable and is edited cleverly. In cases you would like make an article available on Wikipedia but would not do unless you want to be paid. Then such facility when included with the Knol from Google would make things different for such aspirants. It was suggested by Benett Hasleton that Wikipedia or any other similar kind of article manager should allow the users to write versions of the main article posted online with sign off rights. This makes them to avoid any editing and addition to the original ones unless it is allowed to do so by the signer.


In order to identify the signer you can make use of the .edu based email id for verification. All edits will be subject to approval from the one who verifies the article. Knol is one such things that makes all of these possible which enables users to submit articles with verification. In addition, the users are allowed to have Adsense ads to be near the articles. The author verification can be done using name on the credit card. Knol however does not allow you to copy and use the content available on Wikipedia.

There are terms of service for Knol which needs to be followed. GNU free documentation license is the law behind wikipedia. If any editing done, implies you agree all the terms of GFDL. It will be under CC-BY, for all the content posted in Knol. This license followed by knol enables users to create works that are derivatives and publish them under the respective terms it follows. If Knol will include the Commons Attribution-Share Alike license and a new version of GFDL then it will result in abundant users start copying the content and writings from Wikipedia to Knol.

The Knol for contest and Knol have teamed up to give you the chance to write a how-to article about something you’re particularly good at – and you may just become famous and also win $1000.

“Submissions are open through March 23rd, 2009. On May 8th we’ll announce five finalists, selected by editors, who’ll have their knols featured on One grand prize winner will receive a cash prize of $1,000.”

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