Make Screenshots Easily With Windows Vista Snipping Tool

Today morning I was searching for a free snipping tool for my Windows Vista. Then I found out that Vista has got an inbuilt Snipping Tool. With the help of “Snipping Tool” you can easily make screenshots of your screens. I tried using the tool and it is really very simple.

Make Screenshots Easily With Windows Vista Snipping Tool

You can find “Snipping Tool” at Start>Programs>Accessories>Snipping Tool. After you open the application you will get a pointer to select your screenshot. With the help of “Snipping Tool” you can make different types of snips like Free-form snips, Rectangular snips, Window snips and Full screen snip.

You can save your screenshots in different formats like PNG, JPEG, GIF and Single File HTML(MHT). You will get tools like a Pen, Highlighter and Eraser. There are other options like Including URL below the snips when you are creating a screenshot for a HTML page, Sending the Image by mail etc.

I tried creating a screenshot and I have to really tell you that it is a very good application.

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  1. Great tool.
    But still i think we can use Print screen button on keyboard for screenshots

  2. @chetan

    But Windows Vista Snipping Tool has got lot many options. if you use PrntScreen then you need to manually open it in paint and modify it.. I felt Snipping Tool is a pretty easy tool..

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