Procedure to Setup Gmail for Self Hosted Domains

If you host your Domain on a paid hosting then it is very much better to setup a mail account with them. But there are some people who like to setup their mail accounts at Google. Google provides Gmail for hosted domains. I also like to use to use the Google hosted mail account because I love the Interface. To get this working all you have to do is just make some changes to your MX Records.


Procedure to setup Gmail for hosted domains

Login to your Hosting account and select “Manage This Domain”. You can make changes to the MX Records for that particular domain. For those of you who do not know much about MX Records – “MX records are Mail Exchange records that are part of the DNS zone file that routes your mail from your webhost to Gmail”. Now delete all the MX records present there and add the following

  • 1
  • 5
  • 5
  • 10
  • 10

(Be sure to include trailing dot (.) at the end of each record.)

Just save them and wait for a day. Now you can check your mails at (Replace YOURDOMAIN with your actual domain name). You can also redirect that to so that you and your users can easily type in the URL to access their mail accounts.

If you are facing any problems then do contact me. I’ll be ready to help you out.

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  1. I’ve got a shared hosting with cPanel, I can change the MX Entries but not have to with the same priority so whene I put the second with the same priority the first one is delited

  2. I could use some advice… you do realize this post is titled how to setup with a SELF HOSTED domain and then provide instructions for a HOSTED domain?

    Any suggestions for how to create a MX record on a self hosted computer without any MX entries at all? There is no hosting company for me to login with.

  3. I have set the MX records as suggested… but im still not receiving mail ? I added the email account to gmail accounts… am i missing something?

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