jucheck.exe: Disable update in windows 7

There are many users who are very annoyed when they find out that there is an exe file in their task-manager which they are unable to recognize. This leads to confusion and many a times a required file is also hampered. This article is about such a file which is required by many users but due to unavailability of proper information, they either remove it or tamper it.

what is jucheck.exe?

Just diving the word “jucheck” we get “ju” and “check”. ju means java-update and check is an added extension to it. So this is an officially bundle process with java run time which is running in your machine. If you don’t know how java run time came inside your system, you might have installed an application which requires java run time to function properly. This program might have installed java run time automatically in your system. Now the default settings for java requires its run-times to be updated automatically and so the juscheck.exe runs at start up and as soon as you connect to internet checks for the latest version available and asks for permission to download and update the present version.

Is jucheck.exe a virus ?

No, jucheck is not a virus. It is an official process of the Java environment and is bundle along side the run time to check for updated version available in the Sun Java site. But as we all know that any other malicious code or program can fake its name and do harm to your system. So in order to be sure just right click the process and go to the file location which by default is inside the java directory. if this file is running from any other place then there is a HIGH chance that it is a virus. Download and scan your computer with the latest antivirus available to get rid of this virus under such conditions.

How to disable jucheck.exe from start up?

There are two methods to disable any program from the start up.

  • The first one is common for all. Disable it from the system startup with the help of System configuration utility tool. Type “msconfig” in the run command. Browse to the “startup” tab. From there deselect the unwanted program. in this case jucheck.exe. Press “OK” and then “Restart Now”.
  • The second one is from inside the application settings. In order to do that you need to right click the Java Control panel in your task bar and browse to the “update” tab. There you will find a check box beside “Check for updates automatically” notification. Deselect it and press “OK”.
    Java update control panel
    Now a warning message will pop up informing you that it might lead you to miss Security updates. Just select check “monthly”.
    warning message jucheck.exe
    For windows 7 users the UAC will display the following message.
    windows 7 jucheck.exe message
    Select “This control panel works correctly” button and your are done.

If you are still having issues regarding this file leave your problems in the comment section. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Regards

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