Forward your Yahoo!, Gmail and Other Mails to Hotmail Inbox

Get Different E-Mail Accounts in One Windows Live Mail Inbox

Do you have different e-mail accounts with different providers like MSN Hotmail, Yahoo!, Gmail etc? Don’t you find it cumbersome to handle a large number of inbox and to login again and again with different IDs? If your answer is yes, here you can find some peace. Integrate all your e-mails into one Windows Live Hotmail Inbox.

Windows Live Hotmail allows you to receive, read, and reply to mails from your other e-mail accounts. This is known as e-mail forwarding and has been traditionally available only for accounts having POP3 access. Now some highly used e-mail providers, such as Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, offer POP3 access and let you forward your e-mails to another e-mail address. If you have any e-mail account that has POP3 access, you can easily configure Windows Live Hotmail to receive mail from that POP3 account. This used to be a paid service for a long time.

Send and Recieve For Free!

There are two good informations for you. This feature is now available for free users as well. Also, it now works with some Non-POP3 accounts! So you can now manage all your free e-mail accounts into your free Hotmail Inbox!

Instructions to Add a Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, or other accounts to Windows Live Hotmail Inbox

1) Sign into you Windows Live Mail using a Windows Live ID you have at If you don’t have, get one Windows Live ID by signing up for it.

Windows Live Sign In

2) Once you are logged in, Click on the “Options” drop menu on top-right. Choose “More Options” from the list.


3) On the Options page, click on “Send and receive mail from other e-mail accounts ” link, found under “Manage your Account” section.

Windows Live Add Account

4) On the next page, click on “Add an E-mail Account” , which is found under “You can receive mail from these accounts” section.

Add Account

5) Fill in your Yahoo! or Gmail or any other e-mail address that you wish to add in the E-mail Address field. Also fill in the related password in the Password field.

6) OPTIONAL : Click on “Advanced Options”, to add the POP3 user name and Incoming Mail Server manually.

7) Click on Next.

8) Create or choose existing Folder in which you want to get your mails from this account. Then, click on Save.


9) Done! Find your e-mails from other accounts on the folders you created. All the future mails will get delivered to your Windows Live Mail Inbox as well.

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