Fix Apple iTunes Folder Not Found Problem With Registry Trick

Many of you might have faced the problem of getting a error message saying “The folder iTunes cannot be found or created”. It is not a big problem and you can fix it very easily. You will get it as soon as you start the iTunes. It is in fact a result for the reference to my music folder in my documents of your PC. You might be aware that My documents folder is that place where your files like Images, Video etc are placed. By default the iTunes creates a folder for itself in the my music folder so next time when it wants to access if it could not do so then it simply gives you this message which is an error.

Fix iTunes Folder Not Found Problem With Registry Trick

So first you need to cross check the path of that My music directory in the windows registry. You can access the registry of windows from RUN [Windows+R], just type Regedit and press enter. Much easier way is to type my music in the search box and press F3. So now press find next which will generate two results of My music at two locations. You will find no information related to path for the test system. Now change the path to a correct and valid path by a double click on the My music key in the registry.

Mostly, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders or
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders will be the path entries for both locations so see that they point to a valid path to make your iTunes work. Once done with this change the iTunes will now successfully be able to create a folder for itself in the directory and obviously now you will get no such error message like before.

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  1. Wow! Great article!

    Ive had this problem for a while, and i thought it was just my ipod. Thanks for the info…it worked like a charm!

    I stumbled this article!

    Take Care


  2. Hey Mate, thanks heaps for the fix. I haven’t poked around in the Registry for years. Worked like a charm. Ta.

  3. Hey, top stuff, but why???
    All fixed and I am grateful but how does this happen?
    I bought an external drive to bounce most things over and next thing I know, weird errors….

  4. Eeres la ostia tio. Muchas gracias me ha servido de gran ayuda.

    Thank you very very very much. 😀
    Regards from Spain

  5. Thank you for the fix – not the only article on this problem but the only one that i could follow! cheers.

  6. Hey thanks this worked great i havent been in the Reg for a while. im a big fan of it, but no i sure am. i have all my folders redirected to my server so i confused my Itunes

  7. Thanks for that was having problems installing iTunes – I can get an iPhone now :o)

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