Accessing a Blog Blocked by ISP Using a Proxy Server

Recently one of my Blog readers mailed me saying that she was not able to access my blog which was hosted at But when I tried to open my site it is working fine on my end. I confirmed it with some of my other friends also. Then I told her that her ISP might have blocked the site. She stays in China and I had observed that many sites are blocked in China. So I suggested her to try the Blog with a Proxy Server. Using a proxy server is very easy. You can try this if you can’t access your blog because your access to your blog is blocked. If you access the Internet through a network which is subject to filtering, you may be able to access your blog by using a proxy server. Using a proxy server isn’t difficult.


To use a proxy server all you have to do is:

  • Google for “free proxy server“, and pick the one that has got lesser ads(This is my suggestion!).
  • Type the URL of the Blog or a post into the address window in the proxy server page.
  • Hit Enter, or Go.

Now she was able to access my Blog and she said a “Thank You”.

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  1. Simple but effective tip. In one of my news groups people (especially from the gulf) use to always crib that they can’t access certain domains like Orkut.


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