Symantec Norton AntiVirus 2008 Fix for Windows Vista SP1 and XP3 – Problem with Fixccs.exe

On installation of Windows XP Service Pack 3 or Windows Vista Service Pack 1, numerous registry keys in many locations (some of them within the Symantec registry keys) are added by a tool that is called Fixccs.exe but this tool is unable to remove them.

One or more of the following symptoms can be experienced because of these registry keys:

  • Empty Windows Device Manager.
  • Wireless network adaptors or other hardware devices missing.
  • Using a wireless adapter unable to connect.

Incase you do already have XP SP3 or Vista SP1 installed then, Symantec has developed a tool which enables to remove the registry entries which were added during the up gradation of Windows XP Service Pack 3 or Windows Vista SP 1.
For Norton 2008 subscribers those who have as yet failed to install the service packs, need to first install Symantec’s LiveUpdate solution which prevents the occurrence of issues. Before installing the Service Pack ensure that you run LiveUpdate and restart your computer.

Symantec’s LiveUpdate does definitely provide a solution for the removal of numerous registry keys in many locations. It is found to be quite beneficial as it has helped me in fixing the issue.

You can Download it Here

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