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Download the Latest Picasa 3 – Sync to Web, Retouch and Picasa Photo Viewer Tools

In seconds you can find and enjoy the pictures on your computer. Picasa 3 is a software which is free to download from Google. All the pictures available on your PC can be immediately found, edited and shared with the help of Picasa software.

All your pictures, even those ones which you have forgotten, are automatically located each time you open Picasa. It further sorts the pictures into visual albums arranged by date with folder names to enable you to recognize them.

To arrange your albums you can drag and drop and to create new groups you have to make labels. Picasa ensures that your pictures are always well structured.

By putting one-click fixes and powerful effects easier Picasa has made advanced editing simple. Picasa makes sharing your pictures quite easy and simple. Picasa enables you to email, print photos home, make gift CD’s, instantly share via Helloâ„¢, and also in posting pictures on your own blog.

Features of Picasa 3:

  • “Sync to Web” feature enables you to automatically Sync your Photos when they are edited.
  • Retouch your images easily with the “Retouch” Tool. You can restore your old photos with strains and water marks to original conditions.
  • You can now preview your images with Picasa Photo Viewer which is installed with Picasa3.
  • You can create stunning movies with your Images, Videos and Music tracks.
  • You can Import Webcam and screen captures directly to Picasa3.
  • Watermarks and Text can be added easily to your Photos.
  • You can control your Picasa Web Albums settings from Picasa3.
  • Improved Automatic Red-Eye Correction.
  • Better uploading with the upload Drop-box and bandwidth throttling.
  • Make Screensaver’s and Slideshow’s easily.

The good news is that Picasa 3.0 in also available for Linux.

Linux specific changes / improvements:

  • User data is now stored in ~/.google/picasa/.
  • Camera and Media detection is now integrated with Gnome/KDE.
  • Mozilla/Firefox browser integration is done via a plugin.
  • picasa:// urls works in Firefox 3 also.
  • Downloading albums from Picasa Web Albums launches faster than the earlier versions.
  • Better support for Xinerama.

Download Picasa 3 for Windows

Download rpm, for Red Hat/Fedora/Suse/Mandriva i386 or x86_64:

Download deb, for Debian/Ubuntu i386

Download deb, for Debian/Ubuntu amd64

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  1. I can’t seem to get past the Admin and Password. What is needed to complete?
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  2. hi i trie to dowanload picasa to my phone b’coz file not saport so wat can i do

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