Best Home Theater Systems in India
Best Home Theater Systems in India

Best Home Theater Systems in India

The advancement of technology has made our life comfortable and luxurious in many aspects. It has also become a boon for the movie buffs who like to see films in the comfort of their home. But typically, the traditional television sets lack the sound effect which makes the cinema epically magnificent.

That is where the home theater steps in to give you a cinema hall-like experience in your home delivering spectacular sound output. There are many good home theater systems in India that have a fantastic audio output with several features which can give you a complete movie hall experience. So if you are a big movie fan and want to enjoy a theater-like sound system in your home, then here are some of the best home theater systems which can suit your requirement.

How to Choose a Home Theater System

How To Make A Home Theater System

While choosing a home theater for your entertainment purpose, you also need to check certain things. Home theater systems are available in 2.1, 5.1, and 7.1 speaker systems. You have to buy such home theaters that will match up to your specifications, space requirement, sound quality, and most importantly price.

Some of the home audio systems come with features of inbuilt Dolby Digital output, wireless speakers, and Bluetooth connectivity which will help you to operate the speakers with your mobile phone as well. So if you are looking for the best sound system for your home, you can go through the below-given list.

1. Creative E2400 Home Theater

Creative Home Theater 2.1

When it comes to reputed sound systems, then creative speakers cannot go unmentioned. The Creative E2400 is a 2.1 home theater speaker system which gives amazing sound quality and is among the top 10 home theater system which is compatible with any device. The sound output is clear, and it sports flawless bass even at higher volumes. The creative speaker set comes with USB support, an inbuilt MP3 player, and a radio tuner which is the USP of this model. The wireless remote helps you to control the home theater right from the comfort of your couch. It is also one of the best budget home theater systems in India.


  • 25W raw audio power
  • Built-in MP3 player and FM radio
  • 5mm line-in to connect media players, smartphones, and laptops
  • Remote Control Infrared

2. Philips HTD2520 Home Theater

Philips Home Theater System

The Philips HTD2520 Home Theater System is one of the premium home audio systems that gives excellent sound quality output due to its powerful surround sound system. It comes with Dolby Digital Sound which delivers a thrilling movie-watching experience. With 600 Watts speaker system, it produces crystal clear sound that gives mind-boggling music and movie sound reproduction. This Philips home theater system comes with attractive pricing which is easy on your wallet as well. It plays multiple types of formats and supports USB devices. The whole set comprises the subwoofer and 5 satellite speakers.


  • Powerful Surround Sound
  • Dolby Digital Listing
  • 600W PMPO
  • Connected to DVD, VCD, CD, and USB devices

3. Sony DAV-TZ145 Home Theater

Sony Home Theater 5.1

For the fans of the Sony audio system, its DAV-TZ145 Home Theater System is one of the best home theater systems it is offering. The audio system comes with a refined sound technology that gives clear sound quality. The whole set of Sony 5.1 surround sound systems comes with a DVD player with HDMI output that delivers HD picture quality. There is a total of 5 speakers with one subwoofer that gives an output of 360 Watt RMS of clear and crisp sound. It has an enhanced bass effect which gives a pleasing theater-like sound production. The DVD player can play a number of formats like JPEG, MPEG, AAC, MP3, and WMA. It is one of the starting models of the Sony 5.1 home theater system, and it comes at a reasonable price as well.


  • HDMI output
  • USB movie playback
  • 360W power output
  • Bravia sync

4. JBL SB150 Home Theater

Best Home Theater System In India With Wireless Speakers

If you are seeking a good wireless home theater system for your home, then JBL Cinema SB150 shall be an excellent choice for you. It is one of the best wireless sound systems that you can buy for your home. Being wireless saves the trouble of solving the tangling wires, and you can mount the home theater in your convenient position. Its Bluetooth feature helps to stream your favorite numbers via mobile, laptop, or tablet without any hassle. The system is equipped with Dolby Digital with 3 band equalizer setting which gives an incredible sound output uplifting your cinema viewing experience.


  • Dolby Digital Optical
  • Digital Audio Wireless
  • Bluetooth Streaming
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Custom equalizer settings

5. Bose Companion 5 Multimedia Home Theater

Bose Sound System

When it comes to the home sound system, Bose remains the undisputed king of all. The Companion 5 Multimedia Speaker System is a popular model among the best home theater systems in India. It is a 2.1 channel speaker that ensembles two satellite speakers and one powerful 5.25″ Acoustimass subwoofer that can be connected to your PC via a 2.0 USB port. It delivers rich sound quality with the Bose TrueSpace technology creating virtual surround sound amplifying your gaming, music, and movie-watching experience.

The cute wired control pod helps to control your speaker volume easily. It also has a headphone jack that helps you to plug in your earphones and enjoy your movie privately. The only drawback is that the woofer is too bulky and the wiring is a bit cluttered.


  • Two Small Speakers
  • Hideaway Acoustimass Module
  • Plug-n-Play (USB)
  • Handy Control Pod

6. Harman HKTS 16BQ/WQ Black Home Theater

Harman Kardon Home Theater System

Harman Kardon is one of the most esteemed brands in the digital home theater market, and its unmatched sound quality can certainly give you goosebumps. The HKTS 16BQ/WQ home theater has five surround channel speakers including a subwoofer of 200 watts that delivers an enigmatic bass with crystal clear sound. The Harman Kardon home theater speakers are magnetically shielded, hence it won’t damage your TV set. The design of the speakers is stunningly attractive, and the black color adds more glamor to it. The Harman Kardon home theater price range is a bit on the higher side, so you have to shell out a bit more from your wallet.


  • 1-channel home theater surround-sound system
  • Voice-matched, two-way, 120W satellite speakers
  • Powerful, down-firing, 200W subwoofer
  • Bass-boost controls and phase switches for subwoofer
  • Magnetically shielded loudspeaker components
  • LFE (low-frequency effects) input connector
  • Compatible with HTFS 2 floor stands
  • Upgradable to 7.1 channels
  • Energy-saving features

So if you are seeking the best home theater system for your home which can match your specifications and budget, then these are the best 6 home theater systems in India that you can buy for your home.

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