Yahoo Adds Images, Video & Custom Links into Sponsored Search

Until now you would have only seen links and text advertisements in Yahoo search advertising. But from Thursday Yahoo would be integrating image and video ads in their paid listing. The new type of offering is called “Rich Ads in Search“. This will allow the advertisers to display images and video, create deep links to relevant pages, include search boxes within listings and display their company logos. This will definitely give more search advantage for bigger companies. The pilot programs has shown more than 25% increase in the click-through rates for some companies.


I guess this new feature from Yahoo will definitely attract more advertisers very soon. It will definitely move the search advertising experience from plain text ads to rich content. Yahoo has been testing this pilot project with Pedigree, Staples, Pepsi, Home Depot and others. I think currently other companies like Google or Microsoft are not offering such kind of advertising options. This will definitely make Google to think for new ways to display the ads for paid advertising.

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