Transfer your Mobile to Social Compass With Loopt for iPhones on AT&T

Loopt is a social-mapping service which will deliver Social Mapping Service to Mobile Phones. The main advantages of Loopt are:

1) You can easily connect with your friends and also you can get an alert when they are nearby.
2) You can share your Photos, Status etc with your friends.
3) You can explore places and events based on your friends recommendations.

Sharing location information, status messages and geo-tagged photos with friends can be made via a map displayed on the mobile phones. Users can view where friends in their private network are located and can also connect and share their locations with anyone in their address books or AIM buddy lists. Detailed Loopt maps help users to know where their friends are, what they are doing and how to meet up with them. It offers social tools to connect, share and explore the real world.

Users can share location information only with their known friends via private networks. Users also have an option of turning location-sharing on or off at any time on a friend-by-friend basis or for all friends at once.

The good things is that Loopt is free on most of the carriers and devices. It is free on iPhones on AT&T, BlackBerry, Sprint and Boost Mobile.

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