Toshiba Launches World’s First SED Drives With Wipe Technology

Toshiba Launches World’s First SED Drives With Wipe Technology

Japanese multinational conglomerate Toshiba Corporation has announced the launch of the world’s first series of self-encrypting Toshiba Logo Picdrives integrated with Wipe Technology. The technology allows users to determine a wide range of security settings which ensures protection of sensitive data. The technology offers three level of security which ensures that sensitive information is protected and does not fall in wrong hands.

The 5 models in 2.5 type MK6461GSYG family ranges from 160 GB to 640 GB and has been fabricated in a manner so that they can be used in printers, copiers, PCs and other IT equipment. Mass production of the devices will commence from the end of June.

Several Concerns Addressed

It is to be noted that Wipe Technology addresses several concerns of IT departments. Wipe technology was announced by Toshiba in August 2010 and there was lot of cheer from the IT industry regarding the technology. It is to be noted that today the IT department is concerned with several issues such as stringent privacy laws and regulation. Wipe Technology will help users to address these concerns.

Toshiba is also studying the possible integration of the technology into solid state drives (SSD).

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