T-Mobile and HTC to Release the First Google Android Mobile

Many people are eagerly waiting for the Android Mobiles. Finally the Google Android Mobile Phones will make their debut with T-Mobile and HTC. It is suppose to gain a market share of 4% in its usage among smart phones in U.S. Even with the problem from subsidies from operators; a brand image of Google will make impact over the HTC and T-Mobile sales. HTC smartphone maker with T-mobile service provider announced that they will employ Android in its Mobiles. Google, T-Mobile, HTC, Qualcomm, Motorola and many others formed a group who support Open Source. They said that the Android is one of its kind and truly a complete open source platform for all the mobile devices.

If anxious to know how exactly the Google’s Android packed HTC will look like. I guess it would be a touch screen version with slide out and full keyboard. It’s just my guess and until we see the prototype we cannot predict anything. Pricing is expected to be in sync with that of price of 3G at around $199. This will attract the attention of consumers rather than the business class of the users. It will be more addictive for users who use Google’s services like Gmail, Reader, Blogger and calendar etc.

All the smart mobiles are priced below $200 to survive the competition in its category. We need to see how exactly Android is productive for Business Users since it is also included in the smart phones. We need to think of the capabilities Android posses like; Does it have a kind of exchange support to Microsoft Office? Can we do better with Music and Videos? Will there be many third party applications? etc. The Google’s Android is will definitely make Google play an important role in the mobile operating systems segment.

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