Sub $100 Laptops with Windows XP by OLPC

As promised by OLPC to produce the sub $100 laptops on a large scale made them think actually how a laptop looks like and how big the screen, keyboard and other parts would be. The operating system that would be on it was also to be given a thought. They had finally decided to increase the size of the laptops that run Windows XP OS probably made them fluctuate on their vow to provide all of these for $100. Despite a Chinese company had found a way to reach it this has been done by considering the ideas from OLPC and EEEPC by switching the compatibility and architecture specifications in order to reduce the cost of making it.

One of the firms HiVision managed well to sell them for $120. This made possible by making refinements and improving the manufacturing procedure which when done as a mass production will make them sell for $89. The Hivision Mini note is scheduled to hit the market in October. You can have video footage of this model at one of the trade shows of Germany.

It is reviewed well by experts as said that its looks good with MIPS processor,1GB flash storage, running Linux with WiFi,3 USB ports, SDHC card reader, Ethernet and audio to be in/out. The browser used by it will be Firefox with support for multi tabs and Abiword for word processing needs. It runs Customized Linux distribution from Chinese which is called Xip. Overall performance is impressive and when tested WiFi is working normal. It only excludes webcam and Adobe flash player rest all is almost to the level of perfection. It is worthy and for a value of $98 it is truly a good one.

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