Sony PS3 Slim : A Slimmer and Cheaper PlayStation Coming Soon

Sony PS3 Slim : A Slimmer and Cheaper PlayStation Coming Soon

Much Awaited PS3 Slim Coming Soon

Finally the much awaited PS3 Slim is about to hit the stores with an affordable price tag of $299. The PlayStation 3 Slim is coming to the stores on September 1st across North America and Europe. But if you are in hurry you can get it from Amazon which will be shipping it from this week itself.

PS3 Slim

A Slimmer PS3 with Lesser Features

The 120GB Slim PS3 is nearly identical to the 80GB and the 160GB “fat” PS3 models that Sony’s in the process of phasing out. The Slim one is 33 percent smaller, 36 percent lighter, and comes with a 120GB hard drive. But it lacks backward compatibility for PlayStation 2 games, has no IR port, and other extras like a built-in memory card reader and extra USB ports. Apart from this, we lose the capability to install Linux OS on PS3. Chill. You still get built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, two USB ports for plugging-in external storage devices and charging the PS3’s Bluetooth wireless controller, and the built-in Profile 2.0 Blu-ray player with BD-Live capabilities. It also comes with a built in web browser which performs satisfactorily.

The design is slightly changed and many people liked the Slim’s new structure even though the matte finish gives the system a cheaper look. It is styled up with a mirrored strip on the front of the unit, next to the opening of the disc slot, and some glossy plastic on the sides. While the earlier PS3s can be propped up vertically or laid down horizontally, Slim is designed to use in horizontal position. But one can get a stand for $24, that lets you stand it up vertically.

PS3 Slim to Cost Lesser than Fat PlayStation 3

In short, we will have a slimmer PS3 in a new casual look with reduced functionality. But the fact is that the PS3 Slim is priced at half of the fat PS3’s launch price. It’s also smaller, more energy efficient, quieter, and retains virtually all the impressive gaming, multimedia, and home-theatre functionality of previous PlayStation. Given its price tag, it will indeed make a great buy when it comes out.

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