Optimize and Enchance Your 404 error pages with Google 404 widget

Many people Optimize their landing pages so that they will have a better Search Engine rankings. Now with the help of Google Webmasters you can also optimize your 404 pages. To optimize Google’s 404 Pages and help visitors to get a better experience by browsing around the site rather than leaving it, Google wanted to take the help of webmasters. You can enhance your 404 pages by taking the Google 404 widget.

404 (Page Not Found) error is observed when a user clicks a link to a page that no longer exist. To help visitors find related content on your site, Site owners and webmasters create custom 404 pages. A custom 404 page can be easily created by WordPress Bloggers also. Earlier we used to design our 404 error pages. To the custom 404 page the webmasters can now add the Google 404 widget. The 404 widget Automatically display helpful suggestions based on the search term that resulted in 404 error page. Useful can be provided instead of error messages such as a search box for your site with appropriate search suggestions and alternatives to incorrect URLs are also provided. This will help the visitors to easily find the information they need and they will also stay on your site longer generating more page views for you.

The code provide in Google Webmasters should be simply cut and paste into your 404 page template and enhance the page. You can get the code from Google Webmasters tools > Tools > Enhance 404 pages. This is a simple way for site owners to get a more functional 404 page. Since the widget is an experimental feature, they currently don’t provide closest match, alternative URL and sitemap suggestions for all sites.

I did paste the code in my site and it worked very well on the 404 page. If you want to test it then just enter some page name say “https://www.technosamrat.com/test” and you can see it. I had even added the Random Post plug-in code so that the user can see some random posts.

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  1. Would have been nice if you actually posted a link to where I could get the widget 😉

  2. @Bas
    You can get the widget in your Google Webmasters…Login to your webmasters…

    Then click Tools> Enhance 404 pages.. You can find the code at the bottom of the apge.. if you find any difficulties contact me…

  3. I don’t know. I think I’d rather keep my custom 404 design with a working slot machine. The display shows |4|0|4| on arrival, and changes to something random when you click the handle, and shows a “you win” or “you lose” message, depending on the results. It’s a real conversation piece and has generated more traffic to my site than actually causing any to leave.

    I still haven’t enabled a “prize” though, so maybe I should work on that.

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