Change Your Monster Password; Reports Data Theft

If you have an account at then be careful. Monster, one of the biggest job site reported that some of the data which includes Names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers are stolen from it’s database. I felt very bad that this incident happened at a situation where many people are heading to the job sites because of the Recession and huge layoffs.


The company disclosed on its Web site that its database had been accessed illegally. stated that some of the user IDs and passwords were stolen, along with their names, e-mail, gender, ethnicity, age and residence. posted a warning message about the breach and even the SANS Internet Storm Center also posted a note about it. Monster hosted, the U.S. govt federal jobs Web site was also subject to the data theft.

The company advised its users to change their passwords and reminded them to ignore e-mails they may get that purport to be from Monster which ask for password or other information. So if you have got an account on Monster do take some time to change your password.

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  1. i would like to change my password for monster

  2. my login is not working.i think it is hacked. please give me alternative way.

  3. please help me to solve my problem.

  4. guys….i thought that u r going to giye me the procedure to change my monster password coz i did’nt find any such option on the monster website!!!!
    i hope that u will help me in changing my password when i am here the next time.

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