Mobile Phone Apps Gaining Momentum Among Small Business Owners In US

Mobile Phone Apps Gaining Momentum Among Small Business Owners In US

It is a well known fact that mobile phones have become a part and parcel of one’s living. The phones are no longer seen as devices AT&T Logowhich are used just to make calls and sent messages. Mobile applications have gained tremendous boost over the past few year and the demand for mobile apps have increased by leaps and bounds over the years. According to a recent poll carried out by wireless carrier AT&T, it was revealed that nearly 72% of small business owners in the US use mobile apps daily in order to carry out their day today operations.

The poll also revealed that nearly 38% of the business users felt that it will be difficult for them to run their business without the availability of the mobile applications. Mobile apps not only help these business owners to carry out business in a smooth way but at the same time help helps them to save their time and money.

Use Of Apps To Connect Employees

Small business enterprises in the US are also using mobile apps in order to connect their employees when they are not in their office. Back in 2007, only 24% of the employees used wireless technology to carry out work when they were not in the office. But the number has now increased significantly to 40% and is expected to reach 50% next year.

Meanwhile Lori Lee, AT&T Senior VP Of Small Business Marketing said that the company expects adoption of rise in these technologies pertaining to cloud services and mobile apps in coming year and hence the company will look forward to provide such solutions in future.

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