Microsoft Planning for a BIG Layoff on Jan 15th 2009

The Giant Tech company Microsoft was set to lay off people on January 15th, 2009 and is no longer a rumor but its actuality. Staff at Microsoft office have been clued-up that the company is preparing for major jobs quit to its international operations. It is conceived that this major layoffs are not a small cut. According to some sources, there is a chance for about 15,000 employs across the world to be handing the marching orders and currently Microsoft has about 90,000 employs under it. This is about 17 percent of Microsoft’s total employs are expecting their walking papers and it is not a small count.


So far the sources confirmed about which departments are in the hit list and one of them is MSN department carrying the large number of layoffs. People or employs working in the Xbox 360 departments are in safe zone. These layoffs may take place a week before Microsoft’s Q2 earnings report, which is on 22nd of January 2009. We will soon bring you the full report of this hot topic.

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