Intel’s New Processors with Virtualization Technology and Trusted Execution Technology

Intel has announced its three new CPUs. It is keeping a low-key approach with this announcement. Incase you aren’t satisfied with any of its current processor offerings, then you may surely find something more to your liking among the three it launched recently.

Those that were recently launched include the 45nm Core 2 Quad 8200, which clocks in at 2.33GHz with 4MB of L2 cache and a 1333MHz FSB. They are also economical and fit the pocket and are more budget-friendly tagged at $230 price. It is supported by Intel’s Virtualization Technology and Trusted Execution Technology.

It also offers the dual-core, 2.5GHz E5200,that packs 2MB of L2 cache and 800MHz FSB for price of $84, or the single-core 65nm Celeron 450, that rolls in at a respectable 2.2GHz and includes 512K of L2 and an 800MHz FSB for a mere price tag of $53.

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