Goal Line Technology Can Be Used In 2014 World Cup Soccer

Sepp Blatter, Fifa president has said that a goal line technology can be used in 2014 Soccer World Cup. The technology will help to FIFA Logo Picdecide whether a goal has been scored or not. Mr Blatter said that by 2012 a system will be in place which will help to decide whether a goal has been scored or not. It is to be noted that FIFA has been reluctant in using modern technology to assist referees.

Controversy Leading To Discussion Of Goal Line Technology

But following several controversies, the most notable being England denied a valid goal against Germany during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the need to introduce goal line technology has been increasingly argued.

Blatter while speaking to TF1 said that to avoid further injustice in future matches, the discussion has been re-opened. The international governing body had delayed the verdict on goal-line technology earlier this month in order to test goal cameras and chip balls.

Several players, officials and referees have voiced their opinion about using the goal line technology which will help to minimize errors in matches. Further decision in this regard is expected in March 2012 from International Football Association Board which sees the laws of the game. 2014 World Cup Soccer will be held in Brazil.

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