Global Mobile Awards 2009

Global Mobile Awards 2009

This is an Award season and everyone in every field like to have their own award function to compare their standards with other competitive products. Mobile phones are in nominations now. Yes! The awards for mobile phones are up for grabs as the GSMA announce the finalist in the 14th Global Mobile Awards.


This time the 3rd category awards for Best Mobile Handset or Device includes 2 sub-categories. The 2 sub-categories are best business devices and best socializing teen-oriented handsets. What surprised us is, a few of the hottest mobile devices like, the HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch HD, and the Samsung i900 Omnia and Samsung i8510 INNOV8 are not included in the final list. For some reason HTC and Samsung left out with not one sign of any 8 megapixel cameraphones which is quite mystifying matter. You must wait till 17th of February 2009 to know about the winners of the 14th Global Mobile Awards, it will be announced during MWC at Barcelona.

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