Flock 2 Beta Based on Firefox 3 With Superior Performance, Security, User Interface & Favorites Management

The browser which is basically adopted technology from Firefox 3.0 was in news to be out soon. Now that it has been release all the excitement behind it has now come to an end. One thing is assured you will get all the performance, features that of Firefox 3.0 ,even similar appearance in few aspects like the address bar and others. It was found that the makers of Flock succeeded well in the integration of the Firefox capabilities. One of such things is visibly clear about the bookmarking feature which is of its kind introduced by Firefox 3.0. You are even provided with online bookmarkers like Ma.gnolia and Del.icio.us web sites.

The significant refinement is the performance and it is as a result of efficient management of the memory resources that even made by Firefox. When a about dozen tabs were opened then Flock 2.0 used less than 100 MB on Windows OS. If you are user highly used to Media content then this is a right option.

It had many other powerful capabilities that are of course built on the roots of Firefox approach. One such difference is Firefox might need few extensions to get few additional features but for Flock they are right built it. With a little bit of compromise in memory usage it could be better than Firefox. You can observe that it is much more improved better one than its predecessors that are used to. Manual refresh of feeds can be done and Antivirus can be integrated.

Flock 2 Beta(two) is now accepting Test Pilots to test their new version of Flock. So if you are interested you can download their latest version to give a feedback to them.

Download it Here

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