Apple Topples Google To Emerge As The World’s Most Valuable Brand

According to a new study carried out by global brands agency Millward Brown, Apple has overtaken Google to emerge as the world’s Apple Inc Picmost valuable brand. The manufacturer of the iconic iPad and iPod is now worth $ 153 billion. It is to be noted that last year Apple surpassed Microsoft to emerge as the world’s most valuable technology company.

Attention Towards Product Details Helping Apple

Apple’s attention towards details of its products along with increasing usage of its products in the corporate environment has helped the company to increase its brand value and behave differently from makers of others electronic products. According to Eileen Campbell, CEO of Millward Brown, each and every employee of Apple is focussing on giving their brand top priority.

The study placed IBM, McDonald’s and Microsoft at 3, 4 and 5 among the world’s most valuable brands. Social networking site Facebook’s brand value climbed by 246% to $ 19.1 billion while Baidu’s value increased by 141% to $ 22.6 billion.

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