Strategy Analytics Firm Predicts Tablet Market To Witness Sales Of $ 49 Billion

The tablet market is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in coming days. A new report from Strategy Analytics says that the Tablet Pic

tablet industry can witness sales of $ 49 billion in the next four years. The firm also said that the spur in demand for tablets is expected to increase across the world and in a statement issued by Neil Mawston, Director of Strategy Analytics said that the firm predicts that 80% of the value of the tablet market in 2015 will rest upon the entry as well as high-tier models.

Big Opportunities In North America, Asia Pacific And Western Europe

Meanwhile, Martin Badley, Associate Director of Strategic Analytics said that market opportunities for tablet makers will see be immense in markets of North America, Asia-Pacific and Western Europe. Such a high rise in tablet market will also give rise to immense competition. The competition will be primarily between Apple and Google’s Android.

It is to be noted that of late there has been an increase in demand for tablets running on the Android platform. Moreover with vendors like Samsung, Lenovo, Dell, LG and Acer coming out with their own tablets, Apple is further going to feel the heat. A report from Gartner also said that though iPad will continue to dominate the tablet market in coming years, its market share will see a decline with products from other vendors. Tablets have already eaten a good amount of market share of PCs.

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