Samsung Galaxy Pro Preview, Specs, Price and Colors

Samsung Galaxy Pro Preview

Looking for a powerful Android smartphone with very powerful social networking features and a stylish QWERTY keyboard? Wait for a few days for it has only been some hours since the Samsung Galaxy Pro has been announced. Take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Pro Preview and know what this new offering from the Korean heavyweight promises its buyers.

Samsung Galaxy Pro

Samsung Galaxy Pro

The Android race has started for some time now. The dust simply refuses to settle thanks to the powerful devices coming at healthy regularity for quite a few months. Samsung had its own winners in Vibrant and Moment last year. This year seems to be promising for the Korean bigwig with the Galaxy Pro looking promising. The Samsung Galaxy Pro phone has been announced on March 7, 2011. Here is what the first look shows.

Samsung Galaxy Pro Design

Ever since the release of Blackberry, scores of copycat phones have – understandably – found their way into the market. At first glance, you are likely to mistake the Galaxy Pro for the highly popular RIM offering. The front part bears a small 2.8 inch LQVGA screen and a Blackberryish QWERTY keyboard. The Samsung Galaxy Pro Display is an LCD and has a 320X240 pixel resolution.

Samsung Galaxy Pro

The Pro is only 11 mm thick. Around the edges, you may expect a fair share of standard buttons like earphone slot, USB port, charging point, camera launch key and the like.

Samsung Galaxy Pro Internals

The internals are pretty unclear as of now though the phone is supposed to have a fair amount of internal memory and probably a 1 GB RAM. Use of microSD cards can take up the on-board storage capacity to a huge 32GB.

An 800 MHz CPU drives operations in the Pro. Sounds great, as the 800 MHz processor is also what drives the high-speed Samsung Jet. Functions are likely to go butter smooth.

Samsung Galaxy Pro Features

Samsung Galaxy Pro

The highlight of this phone is the “Social Hub”, which jumbles all social networking activities and e-mails in one spot, thus saving a lot of time and energy. This means, you no longer have to switch between sites to keep up with your buddies. It is probably for the first time that Samsung is offering it for free.

Another talking point is the Samsung Galaxy Pro OS which is the Android 2.2 Froyo, one of the latest Android mobile operating systems. With Froyo around, we expect the overall experience to be a satisfying one.

There are other useful Samsung Galaxy Pro Apps such as Document Viewer, RSS Reader, Calendar, Image and Video Editor that are prepared to make your user experience a satisfying one. Dedicated apps for YouTube, Google Maps and Picasa are also available in this phone. There is also a Google Search application to help you look up everything online in one touch.

The phone is also available with Samsung TouchWiz and Adobe Flash 10.1 support.

Samsung Galaxy Pro Connectivity

The Pro leaves no complaint on the communication front. There is every conceivable data support with GPRS, EDGE, 3G and WIFI all being there. There is a dedicated key to turn the phone into a WIFI hotspot with a single finger press.

Bluetooth 2.1 and microUSB 2.0 will take care of local data transfer. You can use mailing and messaging options such as Gmail and Google Talk. There are the usual fares like SMS, MMS, Push Mail, IM and Email for the average Joe.

Samsung Galaxy Pro Multimedia Features

On the multimedia front, the Samsung Galaxy Pro specs look good though not too bright. Reasons? The primary Samsung Galaxy Pro Camera is a 3.15 MP shooter. This however, shoots images at a high 2048×1536 pixel resolution which spells good news for buyers. There is also a secondary camera, probably for video conference calls. In the Samsung Galaxy Pro Videos are recorded at 30 fps in QVGA quality.

Videos are played at WVGA quality at 30fps. This phone is friendly with a variety of file formats like H.263, H.264, MPEG-4, WMV, DivX, RV and Xvid. Sounds good, but we need to see the actual quality.

The Samsung Galaxy Pro Audio performance is promising. The device supports a number of music file types like WMA, AAC, eAAC+, AAC+, RA and MP3. There is the customary voice recorder as well as a Stereo FM Radio to catch your favorite airwave frequencies.

Samsung Galaxy Pro Battery Life

The 1350mAh Li-Ion battery promises a talk time of around 11 hours and a standby time of about 620 hours. Sounds great, but need to be tested before we comment.

Samsung Galaxy Pro Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy Pro launch date has been fixed sometime in April. The actual dates of release of the Samsung Galaxy Pro in India, US or UK are still unavailable.

Samsung Galaxy Pro Cost

The phone has just been announced and word is still unavailable about its actual price. Samsung Galaxy Pro India price is still unclear as is its cost in the US or UK.


The phone looks like a Blackberry and will probably smack of a poor man’s RIM dream. But the social networking features of this mean machine cannot be underestimated. When it launches a month later, we got to pick this up for sure. Make sure that you take a peek at our Samsung Galaxy Pro Review to check how good the phone actually is.


  1. Well considering that this phone is only a Froyo phone, this should be very affordable. I read somewhere that this might be around $350 dollars, which I believe is a crazy price to pay for a Froyo phone with such a small screen when there are so many new Gingerbread phones coming out, and more to be announced in the next couple of months. $200 is a fair price for the Galaxy Pro.

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