iPad 2 Preview, Specs, Price and Colors

iPad 2 Preview

Amidst high anticipations, Apple has finally unveiled its iPad 2 tablet PC on March 2, 2011. For gadget aficionados and Apple fans, the iPad 2 unveiling event was truly an affair to remember. Check out our iPad 2 Preview to know what you can expect from this sleek, slim device.

iPad 2

Courtesy the string of winners Apple has had over the last few years, is it any surprise that the iPad 2 launch has attracted so much attention? March 2 was the iPad 2 announcement date and it helped that Apple CEO Steve Jobs took time out of his medical leave to briefly present the device at the San Francisco iPad 2 debut event. The iPad, Apple’s first tablet, met the tremendous expectation it generated and a staggering 15 million units of it were sold worldwide last year. Here is some iPad 2 news to let buyers know what the tablet has on offer.

iPad 2 Dimensions

The rumors about iPad 2 tech specs have been finally laid to rest. As was expected, it is really thinner than its predecessor – about 33%. The iPad 2 measures 8.8 mm in depth rather than the 13.4 mm. The new iPad 2 is just 9.3 mm thick. At 1.3 pounds, the iPad 2 weight is lower on scale than its 1.5 pound ancestor. Apple claims its 600gm tyke is 15% lighter than the original iPad.

iPad 2 Design

The latest Apple device comes with a very appealing design. Sporting a slim chassis that looks akin to a TV screen, the tablet is rounded at the edges and its thin form lets you hold it in one hand. We felt it quite like a spread out paper file at the iPad 2 first look event.

iPad 2 Display

For buyers of iPad 2 Retina Display was a wish that remained unfulfilled. The iPad successor comes with no such thing and has a usual LCD touchscreen display which is okay keeping the price factor in mind. At 1024 × 768 pixels, the iPad 2 screen resolution remains the same as its precursor. The iPad 2 screen size is of nearly the same dimensions.

iPad 2 Configuration

The iPad 2 processor is said to be twice as fast as the iPad A4 one. Dubbed as the Apple A5, the 1 GHz iPad 2 dual core CPU is reported to be lightning fast and makes the operations smoother than ever. The high point of this iPad 2 hardware kick-up is in the iPad 2 graphics performance which is described to be nine times faster than the original. The iPad 2 memory is also higher than its precursor which came in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions.

iPad 2 Features

The iPad 2 details really bowled us over. Yep, the new iPad version has many new things on offer this time. At the launch event, Jobs introduced a new HDMI output accessory for the iPad – the Apple Digital AV Adapter – that will let iPad 2 buyers hitch the tab to high-definition televisions and watch 1080p videos on the bigger screen.

True to iPad 2 rumors, there is an iPad 2 cover that will come along with the package contents. Though many thought it was the iPad case, Jobs clarified at the iPad 2 unveiling event that it was a cover for the device and a unique one. The Smart Cover has magnets that stick to the device and apart from guarding the front, also wakes up or puts the tablet to sleep depending on whether it is open or closed. The covers are available in two varieties. The plastic one costs $39 while the leather one is priced at $69.

The device comes with new apps like Garageband and iMovie which will satisfy multimedia lovers. The iPad 2 OS is the latest version of Apple’s mobile OS – the iOS 4.3 – which promises to make iTunes home sharing, Safari browsing and many other activities so much better.

iPad 2 Camera

The lack of camera in the iPad is set to be compensated with the presence of not one but two shooters in its successor, which is true to long-standing rumors about the device. There is a VGA camera at the front and a 0.7 MP camera at the rear. With strong capabilities, the iPad 2 photos are expectedly of a high quality. The iPad 2 images are possibly of a 1024×768 p resolution and over. In the rear camera in iPad 2 video capture capability is as high as 720 p@30fps. The rear camera provides buyers with a 5x digital zoom.

iPad 2 Apple Price

The new tablet will come in two colors – the iPad 2 white and the iPad 2 black. The tablet will be available in a 16GB WiFi-only version that starts at $499. There is another 64GB version that is enabled with both WIFI and 3G. This version of iPad 2 costs $829. iPad 2 expected price was higher than what it really is. So credit should be given to Apple where it is due.

iPad 2 Battery Life

The iPad 2 battery life will be the same as the original and will offer a 10 hours full function time and a month-long standby time.

Is iPad 2 Coming Soon?

iPad 2 official release date in the US is March 11, 2011. iPad 2 launch date in Europe is 25th March, 2011. iPad 2 release date India is not available as yet. It is not known when iPad 2 in India will be available.


It may have skipped a thing or two on our wish list. But with improved specs and yet the same price structure, the new Apple baby seems to have won half the battle for itself as the iPad 2 information shows. Once the initial iPad 2 buzz dies down, however, the device will have nothing but its own merit to rely on. Is the new iPad 2 from Apple too strong to pass that real test? Wait for our iPad 2 Review to find that out.

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