HP Slate 500 – Review, Specs and Price

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is known for coming out with devices that boast of excellent craftsmanship. HP Slate 500 Tablet PC is one HP Slate 500 Tablet PCsuch example. HP Tablet 500 PC is targeted towards business users and seeks to give a tough competition to Apple’s iPad. The tablet PC has several applications which are suitable for office use and is equipped with several software intended for apps in the field of retail, hospitality, medicine etc. Read on the HP Slate 500 Review to know more about this tablet PC.

HP Slate 500 Review

When Apple launched its iPad device, it sold like hot cakes. So it became imperative for other IT giants to come up with products that could match the might of the iPad. HP which has always come up with products which enriches users experience to browse internet, listen to music and watch videos.

HP Slate 500 Design and Looks

The metal edges and the rubberized texture give HP Slate 500 Tablet PC a classic finish. The above features give the tablet PC a durable feel and its 1.5 pound weight makes it quite portable. You will find the several buttons around the metal edges and the device also integrates Wacom stylus which is fun to use when you are using Paint or Wordpad.

The screen of the PC is capable of displaying pictures of resolution measuring 1024×600 pixels and uses Broadcom Crystal HD accelerator for video playbacks. The screen of HP Slate 500 PC is smooth and silky with fair amount of backlight bleed around the screen.

HP Slate 500 Hardware and Battery

HP Slate 500 is powered by 1.86 GHz Intel® Atom™ Processor Z540 with 2GB DDR2 SD RAM. It supports 1080p playback which is powered by Intel GMA 500 graphics chipset and has support for stylus pen/digitizer for freehand writing and drawing on screen. The device has a single USB port, a full SD slot and a combination of headphone/microphone jack. HP Slate 500 PC is powered by a 2 cell (30 WHr) polymer battery which offers a runtime of around 5 hours. Connectivity in the tablet is enhanced by the presence of Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth.

HP Slate 500 Software

The device runs on Genuine Windows® 7 Professional 32 FreeDOS operating system and offers decent functionality for tablet HP Slate  500 Tablet PC Imageinterface. The PC is equipped with the following software

  • Adobe Reader
  • HP Support Assistant
  • HP Slate Camera
  • Adobe PDF

Some of the other technical specifications of the product are

Memory and Storage

  • Max memory: 2GB 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
  • Internal Drive: Up to 65 GB
  • Optical Drive: External USB 2.0 CD/DVD/R/RW ( Available on selected models)

Expansion Features

  • Ports: 1 USB 2.0, 1 integrated microphone, 1 combination of stereo headphone/mic jack, 1 power connector/HP Slate Cradle Connector
  • Slots: 1 secure digital

Weight and Dimension

  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 9.21 x 0.58 x 5.91 in

Power and Operating Requirements

  • Energy Efficiency: Energy Star
  • Power Supply: 30 W AC adapter
  • Operating temperature range: 50 to 95 F

Power and Operating Requirements

  • Energy Efficiency: Energy Star
  • Power Supply: 30 W AC adapter
  • Operating temperature range: 50 to 95 F

HP Slate 500 Camera

The tablet is equipped with dual webcams. There is a 3 MP outward facing camera is along with an inward facing VGA webcam. The webcams are fine for videoconferencing and calls.

HP Slate 500 Video

Video playback capabilities of HP Slate 500 PC are quite good. Of several video players VLC seems to provide finest 720 p playback. 1080p playback over Wi-Fi 802.11n is also possible.

HP Slate 500 Accessories

The tablet PC comes with standard accessories such as docking and port replicators, battery charger and power adapters.

HP Slate 500 Release Date

The slate PC was released on October 2010.

HP Slate 500 Price

From the official site of HP, the tablet PC is priced at $ 799.

HP Slate 500 Verdict

HP Slate 500 PC is one of the most powerful tablets available in the market which satisfies most of your business requirements. However, the absence of specialized touch interface is one of the major drawbacks of the tablet PC. Web browsing experience in most of the cases is smooth but in some cases it is a bit sluggish. But the tablet is a well made product made by HP and is helpful in smooth transition of business works.

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