BlackBerry PlayBook LTE Preview, Specs, Price and Colors

BlackBerry PlayBook LTE Preview

The tablet fever is on and every techno heavyweight worth its name has jumped into the bandwagon. It comes as no surprise then that Blackberry has joined in too and aspires to be the best in the business. With the BlackBerry PlayBook LTE coming soon, the US bigwig may just achieve that feat. Check out the BlackBerry PlayBook LTE Preview and know what RIM’s tablet has got.

BlackBerry PlayBook LTE

Ever since it was announced in February this year, the BlackBerry PlayBook LTE has attracted enough attention. It is also being regarded as an iPad 2 killer in some quarters. Blackberry was the first true smartphone and unleashed a range of copycats the Apple iPhone included. So the trust factor is definitely there. The BlackBerry PlayBook tech specs look promising too as we can see.

BlackBerry PlayBook Dimensions

At 194 x 130 x 10 mm the Blackberry Playbook size is slimmer than the iPad 2 measuring 241.2 x 185.7 x 8.8 mm. The device is also leaner at 425 gms than its nearest rival – the 730 gm Apple iPad 2. This means you can easily hold it in one hand and operate it with the other. Perfect for on-the-go needs, we would say!

Blackberry Playbook Tablet PC Display

BlackBerry PlayBook LTE

The capacitive touchscreen takes up the most frontal part but at 7 inches, it is shorter than the 9.7 inch iPad2 display. The Blackberry Playbook resolution is 600 x 1024 pixels which is a bit lower than the iPad 2 768 x 1024 pixel display. The Blackberry Playbook keyboard is a virtual one and with multi-touch and predictive text input support, we expect it to provide a smooth experience.

Blackberry Playbook Operating System

The LTE is coming with the RIM Blackberry Playbook OS that is powered by the QNX technology. This will provide support to blackberry playbook apps – mainly the JAVA blackberry playbook applications. The Playbook OS is said to be one of the most advanced tablet operating systems of our time. The software supports tethering which is good news for all techno buffs.

Blackberry Playbook Browser

The browser in this tablet is an HTML stuff and supposed to be a fast performer.

Blackberry Playbook Configuration

The Blackberry Playbook hardware looks really promising. This RIM tablet is powered by a 1 GHz dual-core CPU which is a high-performance processor as per reports. It remains to be seen whether the chip is powerful enough to withstand the burden of simultaneous multiple operations.

There is a 1 GB RAM at work here. You will get a 16GB, 32GB or 64GB ROM depending on which of the three versions you go for. Sadly in the blackberry playbook expandable memory is absent. For buyers of Blackberry Playbook Micro SD absence may be conspicuous, especially if they are going for the 16GB version.

Blackberry Playbook Features

At the Blackberry Playbook CES 2011 launch event, the RIM guys showed a number of features that really impressed us. If you want a smooth video performance in the Blackberry Playbook Flash 10.1 from Adobe is there to amplify your experience. Adobe Air is also supported.

You can hook your Blackberry smartphone to the Playbook and access all your documents, multimedia files and even applications on the tablet.

You can switch between apps and let all of them run in the backdrop.

In the Blackberry Playbook Email, Push Mail and IM support is sure to make your connectivity a seamless one. For buyers of

Blackberry Playbook WIFI and 3G is all they can get. The device lacks GPRS and EDGE unlike the iPad 2.

Blackberry Playbook Camera

The tablet arrives with dual camera support. Both shooters are of decent capability. There is a 5MP primary autofocus camera that can shoot images at a high resolution. Blackberry Playbook images are said to have a 2592×1944 pixel quality. There is also a 3MP camera for added support. In the Blackberry Playbook videos can be shot at a resolution as high as 1080p. Apple may be having sleepless nights with only a 0.7 MP primary camera and a secondary VGA shooter in its iPad 2.

Blackberry Playbook Availability

The Blackberry Playbook LTE is going to be available in only black color. The Blackberry Playbook LTE Accessories may include a travel charger, a case, the battery and possibly a portable mini Bluetooth keyboard. There will be expectedly a Blackberry Playbook tutorial for reference.

No information is available about which carrier will be associated with the LTE. Grapevine indicates it may be AT&T or Verizon. Sprint is also being thought of as a possible association.

Blackberry Playbook Expected Launch Date

The Blackberry Playbook is coming in four different versions – WiFi, WiFi + WiMax, WiFi + HSPA and WiFi + LTE. The LTE blackberry playbook release date in US is expected to be sometime in the second half of 2011. For the first two versions of Blackberry Playbook launch in USA is April 10. The exact LTE Blackberry Playbook Launching Date is still unknown.

Blackberry Playbook Battery Life

Some recent leak of Blackberry Playbook battery screenshots have shown the device giving 8 ½ hours of performance at a half charge. If this is for real, we can expect the tab to run for 17 hours at a stretch. Truly something if you consider the mere 10 hours that Apple iPad2 promises. Blackberry Playbook buyers, are you listening?

Blackberry Playbook Tablet Price

There is still no clear word about Blackberry Playbook cost in US or anywhere else for that matter. For industry analysts, the Blackberry Playbook expected price is less than $500. The Blackberry Playbook UK price is still unknown. The Blackberry Playbook India Price is supposed to be lower than the iPad2.


An iPad 2 killer? Not quite, unless you are talking about the battery and camera. As far as the specs roughly go, this one needs some catching up to do. But a Blackberry device is still worth a look and it will need a real handling to know what the tablet truly has on offer. Keep watching this space for our Blackberry Playbook review.

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