Seagate Launches Its First Wireless Storage Device

Are you unable to store a large quantity of data including movies, high-end videos etc due to lack of storage device? Well Seagate’s GoFlex Satellite Image

new storage device can very well be the solution of your problem. Seagate has come with its first wireless storage device for iOS devices, known as GoFlex Satellite.

GoFlex is a wireless storage device which is powered by a battery and can extend storage capability of any Wi-Fi equipped device. The battery powering GoFlex Satellite provides a run time of around 5 hours and a standby time of around 25 hours.

Features of GoFlex Satellite

GoFlex Satellite can store 500 GB of data and provides enough storage space to back up complete library of video, pictures, music and documents. Through GoFlex Media app which is available in Apple App Store and iTunes, devices can be directly connected to GoFlex Satellite.

Users can snap GoFlex Satellite from online retailers for $ 199. The device will be of great help to users who want to store a lot of content which includes movies, high-quality videos, documents etc.

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