Researchers Develop Device To Boost Storage Capacity

Storage of data and information plays an important role for digital equipment such as cameras, MP3 players, mobile phones etc. In Storage Device Pic

order to boost storage capacity, researchers have developed a new range of compact memory storage devices which can be used for offering quick and energy saving memory for the aforementioned devices.

While the traditional storage method includes translation of information into signals which are then saved in form of binary code, the new device uses a small mechanical arm to convert information into signals and saves information by the measurement of the amount of current passing throughout a carbon nanotube.

Faster Switching On And Off

The device has been developed by researchers of University of Edinburgh in association with researchers of Konkuk University and Seoul National University. Professor Eleanor Campbell, University of Edinburgh’s School Of Chemistry commented that with the help of the device one can switch on and off in a much quicker way which is not there with traditional memory storage devices.

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