WebVideoCap – Download Videos From Google Video, YouTube, Yahoo Video, iFilm and Metacafe

Is there a Free Utility which will help me to download videos from Youtube, Metacafe, Google Videos and iFilm?

If you are looking to Download Flash Videos from a website then you can use WebVideoCap. WebVideoCap is a free utility which will help you to download videos from any web page. With WebVideoCap you can download Flash Video Files(flv) and RSTP videos.

So by using WebVideoCap you can download videos from your favorite video sharing sites like Google Video, Youtube, Metacafe and many others. This utility will automatically download and save the video files while you are watching them. So you can play them offline.

WebVideoCap is a portable application. So you need not Install it. All you have to do is just downlaod and use it(Vista users need to install WinPcap driver). To use WebVideoCap just click the ‘Start Capture’ button. So when you browse any site that consists of video files they are automatically downloaded. After you finish your job you can press ‘Stop Capture’ button.

Download WebVideoCap


  1. This should come in handy. Been using online video downloaders for a while now. If this works with all websites then it will be great. Thanks for sharing. Will check it out.

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