Webcpp – Converts Source Code to Syntax Highlighted HTML File

Recently I tried to display some C++ code on a website. But I took a lot of time to highlight the code syntax. So I thought if I had a tool that can automate this then it would be great. So I was searching on the Internet and found Web C Plus Plus usually called Webcpp. Webcpp is a small utility which can automatically convert your source code into a HTML file using a fully customizable syntax highlighting engine and color schemes. So this will be very helpful when you need to display some code on your website with syntax highlighting.

Webcpp is very useful if you are a programmer and are interested in displaying some code on your website. But the sad thing is that it is not a GUI based utility. It is just a command line utility. You will like it if you love Unix. This utility is available for both Windows and Unix.

Features of Webcpp:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Color schemes are loaded from a file
  • Cascading StyleSheets are generated automatically
  • You have a choice between embedded CSS or external stylesheet
  • Automatic file type detection for highlighting
  • You can also add the line numbers

Download Webcpp

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