Using VirtualDub to Merge Multiple Video Files

Video files piled up and do you feel difficult to handle them or fear of loosing one or the other one. Then you can either merge them into related files resulting in reduction in number of files with VirtualDub. If you own a copy of complete series of your favorite TV shows or Movie sequels and so on then VirtualDub could be helpful to you. You can make the series play uninterrupted for yourself. This software makes the merging done easier and faster than ever. It’s an Open source application it quite synonymous to Audacity which merges audio files but in this case videos are the inputs. You can not only combine but also edit the videos as you like later split them if needed and save them for your record. Apart from these functions the screenshots can be grabbed, set the color of the video and lot more to do.

It is really a good one to try it and discover all its features by extreme usage only if you are concerned about your videos. It can be handy in cases where videos are captured from a camera and later you might need them to edit. Splitting the videos is also useful when you try to edit the videos. All you need to do is just upload the video using the simple interface provided then the next file you need to merge. In case of more than couple of files then go for Append AVI segment option in File menu as add any number of videos. It’s better if the new output file not to be too large in size.

Once attached select direct stream copy option from Video menu and gives you the new output file in a minute. Suppose if you won’t use this feature with a default mode of full processing then it takes almost your life time to form the new desired file. Now you need to save it for this go to File menu and choose save the segmented AVI menu item then better give a new name to the file, now test it when there are any distortions or flaws while playing you may come across some sound sync problems. It’s prescribed to go for this software and use it completely as it’s any how free to download.

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