Speed Launch from Microsoft Office Labs – Get quick access to all the documents, files, and websites

Microsoft Office Labs is a place where Microsoft Geeks build prototypes for some useful applications. Some of these prototypes can come in the next versions of Microsoft products. There are applications like Chart Advisor, Email Prioritizer, pptPlex, Speed Launch, Search Commands, Community Clips and many others.

In case you want to work faster and with less frustration; then this is the main intention behind this program. This application, Speed Launch, enables you lightning quick access to all the documents, files, and websites that you often use. Whenever you use something quite frequently you might create a desktop shortcut, and add it to your IE favorites, or place it on your quick launch bar. With the help of Speed Launch, centralized shortcuts to all the stuff you need can be created and it allows you to access them effortlessly.

This is an application launcher which extends the functionality and usability of Microsoft Windows. With the help of Speed Launch, users can open frequently used websites, documents and applications by selecting their own words. The use of a drag and drop interaction model is the most attractive feature of Speed launch which makes this advanced functionality more intuitive to novice computer users.

You can open the launcher using the shortcut key “Windows+C”. Speed launch comes with some useful shortcuts that allow you to search faster. The good thing with this application is that you can also create your own “functions”. Isn’t that really cool? The bull’s eye shortcut can be hidden from it’s menu.

Windows Vista or Windows XP SP2 with .Net Framework 3.0 is required. It is available only in English which is a limitation.

You can Download it Here

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