R10Clean – Simple Data Manipulation and Cleaning Tool

R10Clean – Simple Data Manipulation and Cleaning Tool

If you work on large amounts of data then it is very much required to have a powerful tool which will help you to manipulate your data and clean large amounts of redundant and useless data. Recently I was also searching for a similar tool and came across R10Clean. R10Clean is a very powerful cross platform utility which will help you to clean, manipulate, de-duplicate or fix large amounts of data very easily. You can even import the data from a CSV file, TAB Delimited or Text file, then modify the data and then save it back in many other formats like native Excel(XLS), TAB Delimited and Comma Separated. You can even save the modified file with your own Custom Delimiters.


R10Clean is a very useful software for Managers, Marketing People, IT department people, Database Analysts, Data Controllers, Report Writers, IT Systems Integrator and many others. So if you are one among those people who works with large collection of data then you will definitely love this software. For anyone who is frustrated with Spreadsheet tools and others who needs to clean, fix, de-duplicate or manipulate structured or unstructured data will find R10Clean to be a very effective solution.

R10Clean supports many actions like Remove, Replace, Find, Insert and Format. It also supports many encoding formats like ASCII, ISOLatin1, MacRoman, UTF8, UTF16, WindowsANSI etc. The good thing about R10Clean is that you don’t even need to install the software. You can just use the executable file directly. So you can easily carry it in your portable drive and use it wherever you require it.

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