PC Wizard 2008 – Analyze and Benchmark Your Computer

Many people doesn’t know much about their system. Even I do not know much about the Internals of my Laptop or Desktop. If you want to know more about the in-depth configuration of your system then you can use PC Wizard 2008. Once you launch PC Wizard it will display information about all the hardware present in your computer. All the information is displayed in different categories. It will display information about your Drives, Ports and many others. The application will help you to inspect your Processor, RAM, Cache, DirectX, Video Codecs and many others.

If you are just a beginner the system overview information will give you a lot of information and If you are a Geek you will find a lot of useful information about your System.

So if you are a computer enthusiastic then you can analyze and Benchmark your computer. You can analyze and Benchmark your Hard Disk performance, CD/DVD-ROM performance, Removable/FLASH Media performance, VISTA Experience Index and many others. With the analysis report you can detect and diagnose any problems present in your computer, and increase your computer’s performance.

Main Features:

  • You can save, print, e-mail a report in TXT, RTF, HTML, PDF or CSV report.
  • You can also export any graphics as BMP file.
  • Web update Wizard.
  • Communicate with Motherboard Monitor.
  • Dump (Hardware registers, System BIOS, video BIOS …).
  • Multi-language support.
  • It is 100% Free.
  • You can directly from a CD/DVD or a USB Drive.

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  1. Thanks for this. I will install it and try to analyze my Laptop.


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