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MobaLiveCD – Test and Run your Linux LiveCD directly on Windows

Now you can run Linux Live CD on windows, it is surprising but it was made possible with MobaLiveCD(Earlier it was called as BuibuiLiveCD). In this case windows will be in emulation mode thus eliminating the need to burn the LiveCD ISO on to a CD and then Booting it to use your favorite Linux OS. The good thing is that this is freeware. MobaLiveCD will be very useful for users who likes to use Linux but not leaving Windows.

All you have to do is just download the ISO file of your favorite Linux flavor and start it from MobaLiveCD. So you can easily test the Live CD from your Windows machine. This is a very portable application with a single executable of size 1.6MB. The latest version has a virtual hard drive management feature. It will help you to install your favorite Linux distribution on your virtual drive and you can carry it to run from a USB drive.

Working is quite impressive and in includes option in a context menu of the windows that enables to launch it on a right click on ISO image. MobaLiveCD is slower when it comes to performance when compared with booting directly from Linux environment. It is based on open source process emulator Qemu. It also has feature to boot Linux from a USB drive. I would say it would be a productive tool to test Linux on windows environment no matter whatever build it is and this is possible with out need to reboot your machine and burn ISO to CDs.

Download MobaLiveCD

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  1. after downloading the software,its manifesting that its of 0 byte..whats wrong??? ne suggestion..thanx in advance..

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