Minimize Any Application to System Tray with Trayconizer

No you can move every other application with open window that resides on the taskbar to the tray of the Windows system. Tray comes with a very simple user interface, portable enough and does the job for you un-defective. With a trade off on usage of system resources the Tray can retain and save your settings. In such a scenario where your system resources are scarce you can go for Trayconizer which is tray software though used resources but handles things without need of an interface.

Trayconizer is an application which runs by execution of commands from the command line and can be productive when used with the help of shortcuts to those specific applications which you want to be placed in the tray when they are idle means minimized.

User will need to do something like this with a command line parameter if wants to move the application the system tray when it is minimized

To start Trayconizer on Internet Explorer, you would execute: C:\Path\To\Trayconizer.exe C:\Windows\Firefox.exe.

It used a parameter – minimize to make this happen Now that you are familiar with it as mentioned shortcuts are the best way to use it. You can right click on the shortcut and add path to the target field. So from next time you can just click on it the respective application is invoked. The size of the application is also very small.

You can Download it Here


  1. ah!! this one looks good!! Should try out! I always wondered if there is any way to sort out the annoying 2 view task bar when there are many applications opened! I hate grouping them 😉

  2. I should give this one a try. I have been using an AHK utility called Run&Hide, mainly because I can set a delay for minimizing an application after launch. But I have to run a seperate instance of it for every application I use it with. It’s pretty light, but with a few instances running, it becomes an increasing burden on system resources, which I don’t have much of to begin with on my 11 year old computer.

    It’s nice that Trayconizer can handle multiple applications with a single instance running. That should save me a lot of system resources, overall.

    The fact they have an ANSI build of Trayconizer available, is great too. You didn’t mention this fact, and if you had linked to the developer’s info page instead of directly to the .zip file, more people would know about it and not end up with the wrong version.

    The version you are linking to can’t be used on old Win9x machines, and it would have caused me problems if I had tried to run it.

    That developer also has some other really cool utilities worth checking out. (That’s another good reason never to link directly to a download file, and instead link to the info page. Otherwise you are depriving your readers of additional content & information, and webmasters the opportunity of greater exposure. And besides…it’s just not polite to direct link to downloads that are not your own.)

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