Microsoft Image Composite Editor – Advanced Panoramic Image Stitcher

Welcome to the world for freeware once again this time it is for Windows that too from Microsoft. Believe it or not the new Microsoft Image Composite Editor is an efficient, high end interactive image editing and stitching software application. It can combine two different images to form into a single high resolution, large one that can be formed as a result of set of images. The images that have been processed can later be exported for use in varied range of formats even for Silverlight Deep zoom and HD view type of formats.

I could see that now a days Microsoft is coming up with many such freeware recently which is a good sign since it is has widely used OS in the world. The application comes with a drag and drop user interface so it is easy to use with high functionality. For instance you can select multiple image and send them for stitch processing. When it comes to file format compatibility the supported file formats were found to be JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and PSD. It has got Advanced orientation adjustment view and Exposure blending.

You can develop panoramas quite easily with just a click probably. It consumes very less time to learn as it has an intuitive user interface. You have planar, rotating and automatic modes which helps to define the way of dealing with your input images. You can do pretty much experiments on these different modes and use them in a suitable way where ever you want their outputs to be used.

Download Microsoft Image Composite Editor 32 bit
Download Microsoft Image Composite Editor 64 bit

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