Locate Your Files Easily With “Everything” – Search Engine for Windows

Hey are you looking for a free search utility for windows; then you should install “Everything” which is a free search utility. “Everything” is lightning-quick and find-as-you-type file locater for Windows. It does offer a few features for those with FTP servers.

You can run the program only when you need it, or when you auto-start with Windows. Either of the ways it does build an index and responds quickly to changes. Boolean (“AND,” “OR”) operators can be used, to search them with Everything you need to right-click on the folders, and the found files can be send to an FTP server with one click. The application takes very less time to build the Database for the Index.

The application takes very less memory. It uses around 5MB RAm and 1MB disk space. It works only with NTFS volumes and works good on Windows NT/2000, XP, 2003 and Vista. “Everything” requires administrator privileges to access your files. This application is a free download for Windows systems. It is similar to Locate32 but this application differs in its speedier look –up and fails to have and pre-sets.

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  1. Do you know of anything similar to Everything for Ubuntu? I miss it. I tried gnu locate but it doesn’t give a list which is filtered in real time. Thanks.

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