Launch Your Applications Easily With Circle Dock – Spiral Dock for Windows

Circle Dock is an Application launcher which can be tailored as you like and as the name suggests it looks circular. So from now you can have an access to your mostly used application on a click away to you. This free application launches the folders, applications, files and what ever place in a dock. The Thought looks like a Mac Dock from Apple which can be customized to a greater extent. It is activated by a hotkey provided which invokes a circular dock which can be made invisible or turned off. It works even with F1 Key board shortcut and all you need to do is drag and drop the executables which might be files, shortcuts etc into the dock directly.

You can ride through the icons in a circular fashion with mouse over it and the application will display the name or title of the program file or .exe file. You can easily manage icons with a right click on the icon thereby enabling to replace them and provide command line parameters to the list of menu items in the dock as well as from the context many entries of the windows. You can organize the dock folders which helps you to arrange the shortcuts. The button provided at the middle of the dock and the dock itself makes things easy to customize.

With the latest version you can make the icons look more cool than they are and if not so. It occupies a memory of 10 MB or a bit more to work. It is a .NET based applications meant for windows. So you need to install the .NET framework for the application to work. On the whole the application is very useful and is acceptable. You can just include it in the start up folder if you want it to run when windows is on. To use it just unzip the file extract the files, install and run.

There is also a Kiosk mode for the application. This works as a read only application. You cannot change the settings of the application. It will be useful for public systems where the Admin can set the preferences and other users can just use it without making any changes. You need to change the settings using the regular EXE and then replace it with the Kiosk version.

Download The Latest Version Here
Download Kiosk version Here

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  1. Its really a very nice one to have on a very good computer, but on low configuration computers, it is definitely a load… 10 mb RAM is really high for me…

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