Hidden Programs In Windows – Private Character Editor, Clean Manager and iExpress

There are some Hidden Programs in Windows which might be useful for special purposes. These programs are present in the System folder of Windows. These are not listed in the Program Files. You can type the program name in RUN and execute it. These are available in XP and some are also available in Vista.

Private Character Editor (Opened Via RUN>Eudcedit.exe)

With the help of Private Character Editor you can create private use characters. You can use these characters from Character Map application. You can create around 6,400 characters for use in Font Library. If you have good time then you can create a full fledged font library also. (For your Information Eudcedit Stands for “end user defined characters editor”.)

Disk Cleanup (Open Via RUN > cleanmgr.exe)

Windows Clean Manager is a free utility used for Disk Space Cleanup. It is a System tool for Windows XP(Vista). You can use this tool to cleanup all the temporary files generated by the OS and other Softwares. You can also use this tool for Automating Disk Cleanup.

Available Options to cleanup (as of XP Pro SP2):

Temporary Setup Files
Downloaded Program Files
Temporary Internet Files
Debug Dump Files
Office Setup Files
old chkdsk files
Recycle Bin
Temp Remote Desktop Files
Setup Log Files
Temp Files
WebClient Temp files
Compressed Old Files
Catalog files for the content Indexer

iExpress (Open Via RUN > iexpress)

You can use iExpress to create Installation Packages or a self-extracting packages. Various customized packages can also be created and deployed using IExpress. You can use the inf files to customize your installations. This tool allows you to wrap an executable file around your scripts so that you can distribute any script as an .exe rather than distributing a “raw” script file (.bat, .vbs, etc.).

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