Affordable SEO Service Tool Launched By Poland Based AboutUs

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a very important role in popularity of any website. Through solid SEO practices a website SEO Pic

can rank higher in search engine results thereby ensuring more inflow of traffic. Ranking in search engine results is even more important for small business enterprises as this not only increases their visibility but also helps in generating more revenues. Portland based Internet company AboutUS Inc has come up with an affordable SEO service aimed towards small business owners which will help them to become more visible on the web.

Site Report SEO Tool Launched By AboutUs

The SEO service tool launched by AboutUs is known as Site Report which provides clear guidelines and particular tips for increasing the visibility of a web site. With the help of this tool, users can know exactly about the elements which need to be incorporated in their website in order to increase their visibility on up to 50 pages. The charges too are very affordable. For $ 9.95 per month, users can run reports as per their liking while deleting or adding some pages from the website.

It is to be noted that Site Report SEO tool is the first of its kind designed for small business enterprises and for website owners who are pretty new to the SEO concept and its terminology. Commenting on the launch of the service, Martin Laetsch, chief strategy officer at AboutUs said that for larger companies there are high quality SEO tools but for small businesses there are not enough professional grade SEO tools. Mr Laetsch further added that Site Report aims to bridge this gap. The tool provides an overview of SEO principals along with text and images for easy understanding.

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